Summer Intern, IIT Gandhinagar

  • Category: Machine Learning
  • Tools & Frameworks: ASU Company
  • Project Duration: May-July 2022


  • Worked on machine learning models, with a specific focused on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs).
  • Implemented essential HMM components, including HMM sampling, the Viterbi algorithm, and parameter estimation using Baum-Welch algorithm.
  • Contributed to the enhancement of Dr. Kevin Murphy's book repository on GitHub, resolving workflow errors and improving code quality.
  • Transformed generated plots into LaTeX format to ensure high-quality and visually appealing figures for improved readability and comprehension.
  • Utilized libraries such as JAX, matplotlib, seaborn, and TensorFlow to create visually appealing and insightful data visualizations, enhancing the overall presentation.